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Here’s what IU is up to these days

Before I begin I want to mention that none of the following is mine. I got this from Netizen Buzz I just want to show that after 3 fucking years people are finally going to let this go. Now I’ll be honest. As an Eunhyuk fan my thoughts towards this woman are not positive.

IU poses during her recording session as the new voice for Kakao Game. Singer IU is the new promotional model of latest Kakao Game as appointed IU. IU is selected as the official brand model for Kakao Game. Kakao Game has topped as the most popular mobile gaming platform in .

Plot[ edit ] Momo Adachi is a former member of the high school swim team. She tans easily and her hair is bleached out; unfortunately, she is stereotyped by her ignorant classmates and is forced to endure rumors about being an “easy girl” who has had many sexual relationships. Her only friend is Sae, who is actually responsible for spreading the nasty gossip due to her jealousy of Momo.

Momo is in love with Toji, a taciturn baseball player, but the scheming Sae also has her sights set on the boy. Momo’s life is further complicated with the introduction of Kairi Okayasu, a wise-cracking playboy who is determined to make her his. He reveals to Momo that she had saved him from drowning the summer before high school started. Things become even more complicated when Sae, in an attempt to make Momo miserable, spreads rumors about Momo and Kairi making out.

The rumor about the kiss between the two is true, but it was Kairi who initiated it while Momo remained stunned by the interaction. When Toji is hospitalized, Sae convinces Toji to break up with Momo. Thanks to Kairi, he finds out about all the lies and rumors Sae has made up. Toji saves Momo from being bullied thanks to Sae’s lies again and tells the truth about him and Momo, resulting in the students apologizing to Momo and hating Sae.

Toji and Momo get back together, but Sae later tries to complicate their relationship again by threatening to discredit Momo with her newly acquired access to the mass media. Though Toji is initially defiant, he reluctantly breaks up with Momo to protect her.

IU Basketball Recruiting Rumors Kris Byrd

Initially, I was surprised to hear that Taeyeon and Baekhyun were going out. There had been no previous rumors about the two of them dating, it was sprung on kpop fans with no warning whatsoever. Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating? Who, what, when, where, why, and how?

When life gets too stressful, it’s always nice to have a best friend who just gets you. The K-Pop world is definitely stress-inducing; and in the midst of paparazzi, rumors, crazy sasaeng fans, harsh netizen comments, and public misconceptions, some idols are lucky to have someone whom they can always count on to be on their side.

Three bodies were recently found within a few days of one another, leaving the residents of the small town wondering, and sharing stories and rumors, of what happened. Three bodies were recently found within a few days of one another, leaving the residents of the small town to wonder what happened. Three bodies were recently found within a few days of one another near Paulding, leaving the residents of the small town to wonder what happened.

Perry Street in Paulding, Ohio, was still covered with crime scene tape on Tuesday. Police found year-old Hannah Fischer dead in the downtown Paulding apartment last month. Monday, March 28, 7: What else are people supposed to talk about?

Lee Byung-hun & Lee Min-jung Deny Dating Rumors

G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko Even though never officially confirmed, this elusive celebrity relationship caused a lot of chaos within the k-pop community. For four years, both sides would deny dating rumors, simply stating that the two are close friends. Now that G-Dragon has been discovered to be involved with Japanese actress Nana Komatsu, rumors of a relationship with Kiko have ceased and the general fan consensus is that him and Kiko have parted ways.

Hani and Junsu Official sources suggest the couple dated for a year. Lee Sang Yeob and Gong Hyun Joon The couple was known for publicly showing each other support and love, having starred in variety shows together such as The Law of Jungle. Many fans thought these idols would go the distance and expected to them to walk down the aisle together due to how long the relationship lasted.

Lee Joon Gi’s agency has responded to rumors of the actor dating IU, his co-star in last year’s drama “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.” Namoo Actors said on January 24, “It seems [Lee Joon Gi and IU] had really great chemistry in the drama.

Is 28 Years Katie Findlay dating or single or Married? Everyone might be familiar with Findlay’s professional life but how many of you are familiar with her personal life? Today, let’s discuss Katie Findlay dating life and more about her private life. Is 28 years Katie Findlay dating or single or married? Katie Findlay is one of the most secretive celebrities who rarely shares her private details and barely shows off her stuff.

Besides being popular for Maggie Landers in Carrie Diaries, she is also known for being too secretive.

Is Ji Chang Wook Dating? Know His Lovelife

Us fans are not saying that IU should get hate instead of him but rather asking why Eunhyuk should still be getting hate to this day. We woke up one day to news of IU releasing a picture with Eunhyuk on her public Twitter account, and public sentiment grew heated. Still, SuJu fans shielded IU knowing that people were being too harsh to a young female singer.

IU could name a coach in the next few days, or it may be the end of the month. Indiana doesn’t have a timetable with this one. It simply wants to make sure it gets it right.

Tweet Both considered top notch actors in Korean entertainment, the rumor mill has been abuzz about latest reports indicating Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung are dating. One media source reported on April 16th that the year-old actor and the year-old actress had good opinions of each other from earlier this year,a nd had cautiously starting dating.

After bumping into one another at various award ceremonies and other work-related gatherings, their work sunbae-hoobae or senior-junior work relationship blossomed into a romantic relationship. Another source added fuel to the fire, quoting sources close to the two stars, saying that the two were even considering marriage! The report said that the cose sources said only a few of the stars’ closest group knew about their relations and that they limited their dates to near Lee Byung-hun ‘s house to avoid the public’s eye.

When each of the stars’ respective agencies were questioned on the rumors, they both denied the dating rumors. Lee Byung-hun ‘s BH Entertainment said that the rumors were groundless. Regarding rumors of the actor having invited the actress to his house to meet with his family, BH Entertainment said that Lee did indeed invite Lee Min-jung over, but it was for a get-together with other movie officials.

The young actress’s management, MS Team Entertainment stated that after contacting Lee directly, she flat out denied the rumors saying the two simply have a sunbae-hoobae relationship. Lee did say that the two stars met for meals, but it wasn’t a one-on-one encounter, but a meal with others.

IU နဲ႔တြဲေနတယ္ဆိုတဲ့ ေကာလာဟလေတြကို Kang Ha Neul ျငင္းဆို

Your place for Chinese dramas, Korean dramas and more with a soft spot for wuxia and anything historical. Imagine a panda watching dramas past the wee ours of the night, that’s us. Korean celebrities dating in posted by Anne J on August 07, 2 comments Showbiz gossip has always been a guilty pleasure of mine even though I may have shed tears when Swiddleston happened. That aside, below are famous couples that you may not know of but who am I kidding, you know them already.

Nonetheless, both are A-listers and practically a match made in heaven. They held an intimate countryside wedding in and welcomed their baby boy in the same year.

I know dating life is hard, but from what I read, a lot of idols date a lot from what I see as dating for a couple of days, break up, and find another celebrity to fling around. I am just expressing my curiosity and concern at the same time.

Wednesday, October 2, Dating Rumors, The Kpop Idol’s Struggle As the internet is fast spreading, where information is easily accessed and electronic gadgets are more utile, K-pop idol stars are no escape from their fans, who wanted to know their personal lives. Photos where they are together, a belonging of someone else that is worn or brought, couple accessories and others are some of the things these eagle eyes watch out for.

Photos and videos are seen that were uploaded on different SNS and forum and media sites that made a hard evidence for the two to be in a relationship. Their agency already denied the rumors but netizens are surely waiting for some progress. Gossips then spread that the two are in a relationship which was confirmed by the idols themselves. There are cases where the idols came up to admit their relationship because of an SNS post or update.

Se7en and Park Han Byul made their confession after a post were seen where the two are together and has a caption of “6 years of dating“. I’ll leave this message to express how I feel. Some posts create useless rumors by just looking at a shallow angle. Their agency then stated that it was indeed Jia’s pet cat but the two are only friends, closing the speculations.

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The blind item alleged that she suffered from a physical beating from a group of people, including her manager. My source for the one above and this one says that for the one below from Korea that there was actually a cell phone video of it but that one of the managers grabbed the phone and smashed it. The memory card came out in the smashing and he grabbed it.

Noooooo, it’s a ship thats all. Which is referred to as Rosekook. Also, people ship Lisa and Jungkook as LizKook. I really wish that any of those ships would happen. For you to know, BTS claimed that they won’t date idols but only normal people. And Jungkook himself hinted on several occasions that his ideal type is IU which is a female singer.

EunHyuk-IU scandal from last 9th of November As EunHae Shippers we were surely very shocked when this photo was posted as the scandal invaded the internet, and our social networks in less than a few hours. We were already at the time serious EunHae shippers, and to see that was kind of feeling heartbroken. To anyone who didn’t really believe in EunHae or other couples made up by fans it is hard to understand what kind of feeling we had back then.

So we would like to clear up this subject and give our own interpretation of the events We don’t know more than you, or more than everyone else, we just talked a lot about it, got to see some proof on the internet too, and came up with this: EunHyuk was NOT half naked on the photo taken by IU herself as you can see on the photo where fans did a contrast montage and found out that because of the luminosity and the quality of the photo we would think that he was actually half naked.

Son Ho-jun, Kim So-eun deny dating rumors

K-Pop A lovely place where you can share your love for Kpop with people from all over the world! This page isn’t available On top of that, she had already worked with Siwon before. Celebrity News Super Junior. SuJu members who are dating Here is the list of the.

After the rumors of dating started popping up, Kang Ha Neul denied the dating rumor. One of the workers from the cafe spoke up, ” Kang Ha Neul and IU did come to the cafe together with other.

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