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Ryan Van Velzer Last updated: Jun 21, An understanding of Costa Rican customs and etiquette will not only help you blend in, but will also help you adapt to your new country. Jump into daily life, make friends, practice patience and treat each new situation as a learning opportunity. Most importantly, take surprises in stride and try to laugh off your cultural faux pas. Even in Costa Rica, laughter is always the best medicine. Greetings It is common to say hello and goodbye to friends and acquaintances with a light kiss on the cheek — or an air kiss accompanied by a kissing sound. Note that women kiss women and women kiss men, but men do not kiss men; instead, they either shake hands or give each other a one-armed hug. In formal or business settings, a firm handshake is the typical greeting.

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Following last month’s decision by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Fabricio Alvarado, a year-old journalist with a prominent career as a preacher and Christian singer, vaulted to If no candidate tops 40 percent in the vote, the first two finishers advance to a runoff scheduled for April 1. The same poll showed that just over two-thirds of Costa Ricans oppose the court’s ruling, which also tells the country to grant same-sex couples rights such as the ability to adopt children and receive inheritances and other benefits from their partners.

For deeply Roman Catholic Costa Rica, the gay marriage ruling came as an “external shock” to the campaign, political analyst Francisco Barahona told The Associated Press. That “put him on the radar for a good portion of the conservative electorate. That won tacit approval from evangelical and Catholic leaders who, while prohibited from explicitly participating in elections in the country, have called on voters to back candidates with “Christian values.

Ana Cecilia Sanchez, a year-old office administrator, is one of many who say they are undecided but would not vote for a candidate who supports gay marriage. You ask yourself what will happen to Costa Rica if Christian values are lost,” Sanchez said. Adrian Pignataro, a political scientist at the University of Costa Rica, said the country has seen a marked erosion in party loyalty and this election has exposed a social divide between secular and religious values.

Pignataro sees a parallel to the election, when voters were polarized by opposing visions on the economy: Carlos Alvarado, who is not related to Fabricio, is also a young candidate at just 38, a journalist by profession who began his political career as communications director for the Citizens’ Action Party and served as labor minister under current President Luis Guillermo Solis.

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Whether backpacking through the volcanic ridges north of the Central Valley or reveling in luxury on a secluded resort nestled between the Pacific Ocean and a protected rainforest, taking the time to tour Costa Rica will bring unparalleled experiences for both active adventurers and enthusiastic idlers. The country hosts more than , plant and animal species across 11 Conservation Areas.

Local communities help to protect the wild lands and ensure the safeguard of natural resources and natural beauty based on grassroots, sustainable efforts. Panama creates the southern border and Nicaragua runs along the border to the north. The undulating landscape reaches its peak at Cerro Chirripo, the highest point in the country, which reaches 12, feet above sea level. The tropical climate brings year-round rains.

However, the variety of mountains and volcanoes create unique microclimates in which the weather can shift dramatically. The government helps to regulate industry and development to keep the biodiversity intact and rewards eco-friendly hotels, tour providers, and those that implement green business practices to help sustain the awe-inspiring beauty of the celebrated biodiversity. This allows Costa Rica to stay on track to become the first carbon-neutral country in the world, meeting its energy needs through a combination of hydroelectric, wind, and geothermal power.

Trails and roads lead to deserted beaches, hidden waterfalls, and volcanic craters shrouded in transcendent mist. Toucans and resplendent quetzals call to birders as zip lines crisscross the forest canopy. Perfect waves lead to perfect sunsets while cozy fireplaces in the highlands bring views of the peaceful emerald leaves of the cloud forest.


Europeans do not have such experience and that is why the only way for them to feel unique atmosphere of Costa Rica is to come there. Fortunately, like the rest countries of Latin America Costa Rica appears to be very affordable for the Westerners. Friendly ambience in Costa Rican bars, cafes and beaches makes tourist miss this country and come back again as soon as possible. Actually, there is another reason that attracts men from all around the world to visit Costa Rica again and again — amazing Costa Rican girls that are nice and friendly with foreigners.

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A voter casts her ballot at a polling station during Costa Rica’s presidential election, on Sunday. The race is largely upended by a debate over gay rights as many candidates in the crowded field strongly oppose same-sex marriage, which many Latin American countries have recently instated. All of the race’s candidates announced their support or willingness to respect the IACHR ruling, with the exception of evangelist and contemporary Christian singer Fabricio Alvarado of the National Restoration Party.

He jumped to first place in the polls at around 17 percent, up from 3 to 5 percent before his expressing his stance, according to a poll published Jan. No other candidates have condemned the ruling. Following Alvarado are three candidates who were top in the polls until the ruling. There are 13 candidates altogether. The Pew Research Center found that 29 percent of Costa Ricans support same-sex marriage, and 61 percent are opposed.

If no candidate tops 40 percent in the vote, the first two finishers advance to a runoff scheduled for April 1 — which happens to be Easter Sunday.

Costa Rica Votes For A New President, With Same-Sex Marriage Rights At The Forefront

These are simply some observations made to help one be prepared if you plan to date a local. As with any group, there is great variety in behaviors as everyone is different. In Costa Rica there are no major dating sites available like Match. This is because this is negatively viewed as a way to promote prostitution. Imagine if there were websites to make these connections! So, mainly people in Costa Rica meet in public venues such as a bar, at work, through friends, family, or at church.

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Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key Activists from across the Western Hemisphere will gather in Costa Rica this week for the first of its kind conference that will focus on marriage rights for same-sex couples in Latin America. Supreme Court ruling in the Obergefell case that extended marriage rights to same-sex couples throughout the U. The Financial Times on Oct. He is the first person from Central America to be included in the list. Same-sex marriage gaining ground in Latin America Gays and lesbians can legally marry in the U.

Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in August introduced a bill that would extend marriage rights to same-sex couples in her country. The Panamanian Supreme Court over the summer heard oral arguments in a case that would allow gays and lesbians to legally marry. Cuban activists who work independently of Mariela Castro and her organization, which is known by the acronym CENESEX, in recent years have sought to promote the issue on the Communist island.

Lavers is scheduled to speak at the conference on Friday.

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Read through the list to see what people are falling for and how to avoid their mistakes. According to the OIJ, some of these less-than-stellar drivers are getting scammed as they try to scam the system. Scam artists approach the would-be driver as he leaves the office and offer to help him get his license for a price. The fraudster claims to know people who work at COSEVI who can fudge the report and get the mark a license that same day.

Then they say that any photo will do and ask the person to use their camera phone to take the shot. Finally, they tell the unsuspecting driver that they need to take his phone inside COSEVI so their friend can download the photo, but they never return. By the end, the victim has lost the money he paid the scam artists and his phone. OIJ advises people to avoid these offers, adding that even if the scam were real the buyer would be committing a crime by using a false document besides becoming the victim of a scam.

Homecoming interrupted The swindler finds the contact information for a family here in Costa Rica who has relatives living in the United States or Mexico. The scammer calls the family impersonating the relative, claiming that they sound different because they are sick and their phone connection is bad. The imposter says he is planning to come back to Costa Rica and is bringing gifts. Soon after, the family receives another phone call saying the relative has been detained in Mexico and the family must send money to post bail.

Expecting the relative, the family deposits the money in remittance bank accounts without verifying the detention. The scammers trick the family into depositing still more money into the accounts to supposedly cover other costs.

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