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Originally posted by jung-koook He was too busy You had honestly loved Namjoon with all of your heart, and you were well aware of the fact that he loved you too. The two of you had been together for years, and you knew him before BTS was even an idea. You always stood by his side despite the fact that he was constantly whisked away to different sorts of events and schedules, you refused to grow weak because of the time apart and distance. You firmly believed that the two of you were strong enough to overcome all obstacles, Namjoon was the love of your life. Even so, you did find yourselves to be very lonely at times. You did know that his fans would attack you when they found out he was dating you, and you were well aware of all the cons that came along with being your girlfriend. You had known him for such a long time that you could practically read him like a book, it was clearly obvious that he was hiding something from you. Namjoon looked at you in the eyes before clearing his throat and slowly taking your hands in his, your face remained motionless as you looked at him and waited for him to spit out what had been plaguing his thoughts. You only nodded your head, letting him speak, but the next thing he said caused something inside of you to snap. You had known each other for years and you had gotten to a point where you assumed that the two of you were closer than simply girlfriend and boyfriend.

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Originally posted by sonyeondan – The best thing about being the younger sister of a member of Bangtan was that you got to see my boyfriend frequently. The worst part was that your brother would constantly watch over you; And your brother of course is no other than Namjoon. Everyone else knew about your relationship with Jimin, except him of course. No matter how much time you spent with him, he never seemed to suspect anything; which is actually a good thing. Are you even here right now?

Swathing his hands away, you finally spoke up.

Quiz – Bts dating door game is your BTS show corruption icon. Some A-lister are you chasing once you hit the principles this year. The only you choose in the principles you give a

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In BTS, who do you think would prefer to tell the public about your relationship? Who would prefer to keep it a secret? Please do not take this too seriously. You all are entitled to your own opinions, too. Taehyung would want to share his whole new world Aladdin reference with the love of his life. I mean, he wants to marry his first love which is totally possible but not always.

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I love shows based on contractual relationships! Can you guess who that is? Once he enters the courtroom, Jang Mi stares at him in shock while he just smiles at her. The owner, however, is busy in the OR doing what he does best, to make people pretty while taking away their individuality but I digress…. Jang Mi also gets her call answered and she says that she wants him to see it with his own eyes. His anger is so very palpable!

Jang Mi receives him with a rose in her mouth and calls him oppa. Of course he does what any mature man would do in that situation, he hides in the bathroom and calls Gi Tae for help. Gi Tae is not happy to say the least about the turn of events. He rudely exchanges texts with Hoon Dong while his date sits across from him.

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Share this article Share Showing how much work it takes to get the perfect shot, the images showed her hairstylist holding her dyed ponytail up from behind-the-scenes as she worked the camera. For make-up, the mother-of-two wore items from her own line. Her eyes featured a light eye, smoked out underneath her bottom portion.

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You and your boyfriend Jin went out to a bar to have some fun. You had been dancing with him for a while when Jin leaned in to talk to you. Do you want anything? You saw A pretty girl smile at him and of course he smiled back. Jin was always sweet like that but the next thing you knew the girl had grabbed onto his collar and pulled him into a kiss. The girl finnally broke the kiss. You shook your head. You just let it happen. Your boyfriend Yoongi was staying at the studio late that night and you were sitting in your apartment alone when you got a text message from him.

We need to talk. You casually sent him an okay not thinking anything of it, but it was a little odd for him to want to come over while he was working. Work always came first for him so it was rare.

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I kept looking out the window, wondering when Kana was going to get back. Finally, after what seemed like years, I saw Kana walk up to the house. But she wasn’t alone. I walked towards the window to have a better view of who she was walking with. Why was Kana walking with him?

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Thank you for requesting this. This is my first BTS writing…I also suck at dissing people so this might not be that good sorry but I do hope you like it! Seokjin Originally posted by you-made-me-again The both of you were cooking for the rest of the members. Taehyun and Jimin watching you. Jimin and Tae laughing loud in the back. Trying to say something about it but not letting it show that he was just a tiny bit jealous.

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Jin would constantly be calling his partner with silly reminders like locking the door at night or not sitting too close to those Jin saw as a romantic threat. Is everyone being nice to you? No one is teasing my Jagi are they? Yah, why did you sound so silly on Weekly Idol?

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I just want to let anyone on here who struggles with self harm and everything know that if they ever need anyone to talk to, they can message me at any time. You know what happened a while ago. I tried to keep them covered from you. If anything, knowing that you survived throughout all of this makes you even more beautiful in my eyes. As if on cue, his eyes instinctively trailed down to your naked legs and you could tell he was about to make a cheeky comment, when he paused with his lips slightly parted.

You felt the panic start to rise and you quickly strutted around him and told him to get out as you faced the left window in your room, too afraid to face him. You heard a soft sigh and the pattering of footsteps made their way towards you, and with a soft touch, Yoongi spun you around. You let out a scoff and shook your head.

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Wow was it difficult for me to find different ways for this haha but thank you for requesting this! It was fun to do this: Do you want me to text her back for you? The boys love VLive and try to do it as often as they can to communicate with their fans.

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