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Tweet Perfect for Necklaces A jewelry clasp is necessary to enable you to wear all types of jewelry, except of course rings. There are a whole range of possibilities for types of jewelry clasps with each option working in a different way. When considering the kind of clasp you prefer there are various factors that should be taken into account. Next, take note of how easy the clasp is to use. Finally, think about how well the clasp goes with the actual jewelry. It is a shame to cheapen an expensive jewelry piece with a cheap clasp. One type of clasp to consider is a barrel clasp, a popular clasp for necklaces.

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Over-Button Clip Cameo – This uses an unusual finding that goes around a collar button and snaps closed, putting the cameo at the wearer’s throat without having to use a conventional pin-stem type clasp. I am assuming this is celluoid but as I am not super knowledgeable about plastics I am not certain.

Plastic on top of brass frame. Shell Cameo in Sterling Vermeil Setting – Though modest in size and setting, this shell cameo has been nicely carved and the subject is very attractive. Upturned nose indicates a relatively recent piece ‘s?

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Fancy fasteners can add appeal to your custom necklace or bracelet designs. It is a large selection so you may want to use filters or sort by price for easier navigation. Note that lobster claws and spring rings contain internal springs made of stainless steel for durability. These indispensable components may be called hardware; but, in the field, they are more commonly grouped under jewelry findings. When selecting a closure for a design, keep in mind the weight of the piece and the dexterity of your audience.

Spring ring clasps are affordable, but they are difficult to use for larger accessories or clients with less nimble fingers. Lobster claws are easier to operate behind the neck and add perceived value to your creation. Toggles and magnetic clasps are easier still and often prefered by consumers. However, both require the right balance of tension on the clasp and weight on the jewelry item. Weight is an important consideration because many lightweight necklaces with heavy clasps will spin around the neck so that the clasp ends up dangling as a pendant.

Think about how to balance the elements of your design so the piece will lay on the body as you intend. To attach a clasp, select compatible jump rings to connect it to chain, beading or metalwork. We recommend soldering jump rings closed whenever possible for durable, secure connections. Use chain nose pliers to assemble your finished creation with the closure you choose.

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The piece can’t be younger than the s and may be centuries older. However, it’s still used occasionally these days usually on inexpensive jewelry. Evaluating it in concert with the hinge and pinstem is essential. If the hinge is modern and original , dating is somewhere between s and now.

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We value your valuables and make selling your diamond easy. Whether it is a loose stone or set in a ring, we will give you a risk-free appraisal and offer on your diamond today. I have been seeing more and more cameos, not just in my business , but in magazines and at auctions as well. It used to be that you knew that if your cameo was hand carved from shell, agate, marble, coral or precious gemstones. How to Value Your Cameo There are certain things you can do to determine if you cameo is made of plastic or of shell or stone.

One is the hot needle test, which is to place a hot needle against the cameo. The next is to hit it against your teeth. If the sound is dull, chances are it is plastic. Also, if the cameo is real then it will be cool to the touch.

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Beads are over years old according to supplier, the outside segmentation worn, but showing very sharply on interiors. Range mm wide x mm long, very wide natural holes Singles: I got them from a coin dealer whose inventory I purchased ca.

A symbol dating back thousands of years, and found in almost every culture, the evil eye is regarded as an amulet used to protect from “evil eyes”, covetous friends and strangers. The bracelet is channel set with white diamonds around the entire bracelet.

August 12, Latest eBay Scams: Resalebum One of the worst scammers on ebay, this seller used to be well respected. Don’t know what happened to him, but the prices of signed jewelry have become so highthat some folks are tempted to scam their buyers. If you know rules to follow when looking for legitimate sellers, you already know one of the most important rules: Never buy from any online dealer who has no return policy and who has in their listings the terms “no refunds,” “sold as is,” “sales final.

Legitimate sellers stand by their descriptions; they know you can’t touch, weigh, or look carefully at jewelry shown only in pictures. Online buying is much different than flea market sales for that reason. An online seller must have a return policy because even the best sellers make mistakes, and the most detailed photos and descriptions can’t always be relied upon.

Resale bum has been complained about again and again. He has been caught by experts selling fake Schiaparelli, Trifari, Weiss, and other jewelry that has fake signature plates glued or soldered on the jewelry. Some of them can be spotted in his pictures, but many can’t be. In one Weiss auction, the signature shown was an inset to an image for a “Weiss” necklace, and this signature didn’t look quite right.

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Sapphire The most popular form of sapphire is blue sapphire, which is known for its medium to deep blue colour and strong saturation. Fancy sapphires of various colours are also available. In the United States, blue sapphire tends to be the most popular and most affordable of the three major precious gemstones emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Turquoise is prized for its attractive colour, most often an intense medium blue or a greenish blue, and its ancient heritage.

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AB Finish This iridescent finish used on glass and plastic beads is named after the colorful lights seen in northern skies, the aurora borealis, or AB for short. The finish is also called rainbow. AB beads may be any color and are usually monochromatic and transparent, but they may also be matte or even pearlized, as well as striped or silver-lined. Beads are given an AB finish by passing them through vaporized metal ions.

This process leaves a thin deposit on their surface of tiny metallic particles, which break up light waves into the colors of the spectrum, much as water droplets refract sunlight to create a rainbow. This iridescent play of light causes the underlying color of the beads to shift, sometimes considerably. AB finish is widely used on seed beads and bugles; Czech molded glass beads, both smooth and faceted; plastic plain and fancy shapes; and cut glass crystals.

Liu Glass seed beads with AB finish. Cas Webber Abalone Shell Mother-of-pearl from the nacreous lining of abalone shells has been used to make beads and ornaments since prehistoric times. Abalone is a marine mollusk of the genus Haliotis with worldwide distribution. Species native to California coastal waters produce beautiful blue- and green-hued iridescent nacre. Their shells were traded near the Pacific Ocean and then trekked by foot far inland, to the deserts and high plateaus of the Southwest in pre-Columbian times.

There the Anasazi and other Native American artisans cut abalone shell into thin disk beads and geometric pendants, and crafted inlaid and mosaic ornaments combining shell with other precious materials, such as jet and turquoise.

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This simple design, with a unilateral spring, looks remarkably like a modern safety pin. The violin bow fibula has a low flat arch; the body runs parallel to the pin so it resembles a violin bow. The bow could be round, square, or flat and ribbon-like in cross-section. Some had simple punched or incised decoration on the bow.

Cameos and Portrait Jewelry putting the cameo at the wearer’s throat without having to use a conventional pin-stem type clasp. I am assuming this is celluoid but as I am not super knowledgeable about plastics I am not certain. Plastic on top of brass frame. Age unknown, excellent condition, 2 1/8″ x 1 3/4″ x about 1/2″ deep.

This necklace looks like an antique piece but is simply a vintage one manufactured in a largely traditional way. The pendant is a container. The lid screws off in the opposite direction that is natural in the Americas and in Europe and a small scoop is attached to the lid. The lid has an enamelled blue lion standing on the top. The pendant has flowers on one side, and good wishes written on the other. Two lotus blossums hang as pendants. The central pendant has been added on more recently, perhaps one had been lost over the years.

It is a Christian token and can easily be taken off and something else substiuted there – a blue bead might be a nice addition instead. The necklace chain is 20 inches long and has a hook closure on it. The necklace sits very nicely and is very attractive. You can see this style of silver bracelet on page of “A World of Bracelets”.

They are described as “Golden Triangle, Burma. These cuffs have braided wires and applied elements decorated with repousse.

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